Helicopter - Eritrean torture method
Eritrea’s 15 favorite methods of torture (+ pictures)

A United Nations report listed about 15 different methods of torture applied by the Eritrean.

Map - Afar region in Eritrea
UN report: Massacre and mass graves of Eritrean Kunamas and Afars

A United Nations report implicates Eritrea of massacres targeting Kunama and Afar communities and the.

Eritrea wants an Arab-only summit on Red Sea security

Eritrea deems the presence of foreign marines and bases as destabilizing to Red Sea and.

Eritrea: Conversation with the resistance mov’t inside Asmara

(Leonard Vincent) On Saturday morning, two exiled Eritrean journalists in exile and two European journalists.

Eritrea: An Oblivious Ticking Bomb in the Horn of Africa

(Abel Abate Demissie) The Horn of Africa region is one of the most conflict ridden.

President Isaias Afwerki
Eritrea: The unraveling of Isaias authored identity

(Merkeb Negash) Exactly a year ago, in an article titled “The Politics of Writing an.

Eritrea| Another collapsing state in the Horn of Africa?

 (Goitom Gebreluel and Kjetil Tronvoll) Just as the Horn of Africa is witnessing the slow.

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki with Egyptian President special envoy Ambassador Muna Omar
Egyptian President’s envoy visited Eritrea

President Isaias Afwerki today received and held talks at the State House with Ambassador Muna.

Berhanu Nega - Chairman of Ginbot 7 party
Leaked audio| Eritrea funds ESAT and Ginbot 7

(Daniel Berhane) [Updated on the 2nd paragraph with the source of the leaked audio.] A.

UN Human Rights Council condemns Eritrea unanimously

Press release: UN Human Rights Council renews Eritrea Special Rapporteur’s mandate, condemns Eritrean government June.