Eritrea says: Ethiopia and ‘external forces’ blocked its TV transmission

Eritrean government claimed that the Ethiopian government “with the complicity of external forces” blocked the.

Now Asmara puts blame on Russians as well as Americans

[from: A Week in the Horn of Africa – Dec. 16, 2011] Since the tightening.

Eritrea closes European Union programs

On November 15th the EU was sent a letter stating that the Government of Eritrea.

US dismisses Russian doubts on Eritrean sanction

On Monday, the UN Security Council approved a new Resolution (2023/2011) that expands the sanctions.

Text of UN Resolution on Eritrea – UNSCR 2023(2011) [full text]

The full text of resolution 2023 (2011), adopted on Dec. 5, 2011, reads as follows:.

Transcript: Security Council meeting to sanction Eritrea [Dec. 5, 2011]

The UN Security Council voted to toughen sanctions against the Eritrean regime on Monday, Dec..

UN: Security Council expands sanctions against Eritrea

5 December 2011 – (UN News Center) The Security Council today placed additional sanctions on.

Eritrea only sees a lengthening list of enemies

Eritrea only sees a lengthening list of enemies [From: A Week in the Horn of.

Eritrea’s response to the UN Monitoring Group’s Report

[From: A Week in the Horn of Africa, Nov. 4, 2011 issue.] The Government of.

US: No more Eritrean ‘drama’ at the Security Council

Eritrea’s request to address the UN Security Council faces US opposition, Inner-city press reported from.