Author: Zeray Hailemariam

Zeray hailemariam Abebe is a scholar of International Relations and is researcher in the horn of Africa’s conflict, inter-state relations and cooperation. He blogs at HornAffairs and can be reached at [email protected]

Image - Ethiopian and Eritrean flags with a dove
Ethio -Eritrea peace deal crucial for regional stability

Introduction As history tells us from 1962 to 1993, Eritrea was ruled as a province.

The Deep Reform of TPLF: What the New Leadership should do?

I am writing this open letter to the newly elected chairman of TPLF, Dr Debretsion.

Map - Ethiopia regional map
Challenges on Ethiopia’s Federalism

 Ever since 1991, Ethiopia has departed from the old unitary form of state and has.

Photo - Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki, May 28, 2017
Isaias Afeworki is winning in the no-war no-peace stalemate

This article attempts to analyze a post Isaias Afeworki’s Eritrea and about the revenge-oriented policy.

Photo - Tedros Adhanom, WHO Director-General Candidate
Dr. Tedros Adhanom, “Together for a Healthier World”

“I envision a world where everyone can lead healthy and productive lives, regardless of who.

Photo - Ethiopia Federal Police
Revolution of bubbling expectations: Ethiopia’s current challenges

In this article, I attempt to shed light on the mind-boggling questions Ethiopia facing currently..

Photo - President Isaias Afeworki June 2015
Isaias Afeworki shooting to all directions – To achieve what?

This piece of article is to examine the hostile foreign policy of Eritrea, under President.

Map - Red Sea coastal nations
The Arabs’ military incursion in the Horn: what does it mean for Ethiopia?

Introduction It should not be confusing within the Arab politics that seeing them competing or.

The New Media tech
PR and Media Works:  The Most Misguided Profession in Ethiopia

It is estimated that the emerging importance of public relation begun in the late 19.

Map - Ethiopia Egypt Nile river
Egypt’s destructive policy: The response of the Horn of Africa

Unlike in the past, Egyptian hidden agenda to keep the horn of Africa in crisis.