Author: Nahusenay Belay

Map of Eritrea
Nevsun, Atlantic Council and Corporate Interest In Eritrea

After observing the attempts reading the New York Times article titled “It’s Bad in Eritrea,.

Civic Urban Revolt in Contemporary Ethiopia

The very objective of this short piece is to explore the politically ‘visible’, but academically.

Can a Salafist movement be democratic?

According to Terje Østebø,“[a]s an ideology, it [Salafism] originated in the province of Najd, present-day.

Ethiopia: Ideological Basis of Western Domination

(Nahusenay Belay) Any sort of political, economic, cultural or social action demands an underlining set.

Ethio-Eritrea | Get Rid of the Bad Boy

By Nahusenay Belay The Horn of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular are on.