President Isaias Afeworki
Press release: Canada turfs Eritrean Diplomat for money extortion

Press release Canada Moves to Expel Eritrean Diplomat Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued.

Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki
With Robocalls, Eritrean Exiles Organize Passive Resistance

(Gregory Warner) Tucked in the northeast corner of Africa, Eritrea is one of the most.

US State Dept | 2012 Human Rights Reports: Eritrea

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The government of the State of Eritrea is a highly centralized, authoritarian regime.

President Mohamed Morsi and Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr met with the Eritrean foreign minister Osman Saleh and the Eritrean presidential adviser for political affairs, Yamani Jabr
Nile | Pres. Morsi: Eritrea supports Egypt's "historic rights"

President Mohamed Morsi held on Monday 15/4/2013 a meeting with Eritrean Presidential Advisor Yemane Gebreab and.

Eritrean footballers granted asylum in Uganda

Uganda announced on Monday (February 18th) that it was granting asylum to the 15 players.

Analysis | Where is Eritrea heading?

(By: Berouk Mesfin) The secret world of Eritrea has begun to unravel at a stunning.

Eritrean Showdown: Coup or Showbiz?

Yemane Gebremeskel, director of the Office of the President of Eritrea, reflected last Tuesday, on.

Analysis| Eritrea: Ali Abdu's absence and Asmara's silence

Irrespective of his whereabouts, however, Ali Abdu’s disappearance from public view in the last five months by itself points to a bigger picture. “Ali played a central role in one of the most oppressive governments on earth. The opacity that now surrounds his whereabouts is a symptom of more general problems in Eritrea, issues that have made life virtually impossible for much of the population- indeed, over a quarter-million Eritreans are living as refugees in surrounding countries”[

Interview with an Eritrean opposition Yonathan Sebhatu

” Ethnic right issue has never been a problem in Eritrea, it is exaggerated by some but to tell you the truth all 9 ethnics in Eritrea have equal rights and all have offered their lives to the armed struggle [for independence], I can not see that Tigrigna speakers have more rights than the others. “

Ethio-Eritrea: President Isaias asks for Qatari mediation [Awate]

Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki has asked Qatar to mediate his long-standing feud with “arch-rival” Ethiopia..