Eritrea at the UN Security Council closed meeting

Highlights: Pres. Isiais Afeworki asked Ban Ki-moon for ‘three hours’ to make his case; ‘Eritrea.

Human Rights Crisis: Eritrea [Text of Report to UN Secretary-General]

A Report to UN Secretary General, titled ‘The continuing human rights crisis in Eritrea: the.

Eritrea’s return to the AU

Presumably, you are aware of the aberrant behavior of the Eritrean strongman. At least, you.

Pres. Isaias: Gold To the Rescue? No!

A recently published leaked Cable of the US Embassy Asmara reveals that the recently launched.

President Isaias Afwerki
Isaias Afeworki: “Forget Democracy, Economics is Simple, I’ve a Solution for Mid-east Conflict”

The Eriterian President Isaias Afeworki is known for his comical statements. To be entertained, however,.