Eritrea: An Oblivious Ticking Bomb in the Horn of Africa

(Abel Abate Demissie) The Horn of Africa region is one of the most conflict ridden.

Berhanu Nega - Chairman of Ginbot 7 party
Leaked audio| Eritrea funds ESAT and Ginbot 7

(Daniel Berhane) [Updated on the 2nd paragraph with the source of the leaked audio.] A.

Ambassador Dina Mufti - Spokesperson of Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ethiopia threatens to "take measures" against Eritrea

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Eritrea has continued to support anti-peace forces engaged in.

Ethiopia-Eritrea: The olive branch remains extended, no change of policy

While in Qatar, Prime Minister Hailemariam also had an interview with Al Jezeera. It has.

US citizens advised to stay out of Eritrea

Last week, (November 29th) the U.S. Department of State reissued its warnings to U.S. citizens.

Has Eritrea stopped collecting its 2% tax in Canada?

Many Eritreans who have taken refuge in Canada have complained for years that the Eritrean.

Profile of Al-Shabaab linked Eritrean officials [US Treasury Dept.]

United States announced sanctions on 6 Al-Shabaab supporters on July 5. The list includes two.

Eritrean pleads guilty to aiding Al-Shabaab – in US court

An Eritrean man pleaded guilty in a US court last week to charges of financing.

Eritrean army shells Badme town, Ethiopia | Media report

Eritrean army shelled Badme town with heavy artillery, a local newspaper reported. According to the.

Eritrean repression follows emigrants to Canada

(By: Aaron Berhane) Evading arrest under gunfire, I fled Eritrea in 2001, arriving in Canada.