Eritrean President asks for a meeting with UN Security council

Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki has asked to come and personally speak to the Security Council,.

Eritrea: President Isaias Afeworki and his supporters

[From: A Week in the Horn of Africa, Oct. 7, 2011 issue.]  Mutual back-scratching by.

European Parliament resolution on Eritrea [full text]

Highlights (quotes): * Calls on the [EU] Council to urgently consider applying targeted sanctions on.

Intellectuals confer on the future of Eritrea

An Eritrean journalist, Michael Abraha, quoted Ethiopian Prime Minister as saying that there will be.

Wikileaks | Eritrean President ‘visibly drunk’ in China Embassy

A leaked Cable of US Embassy Asmara, dated Oct. 2009 and classified as ‘Confidential’, presents.

Wikileaks | Eritrea: ‘How to escape from Asmara’ [full text]

Everyday thousands of Eritreans cross to Ethiopia and other neighbor countries to escape mandatory indefinite.

Wikileaks: Inside Eritrean Army: Coup improbable?

Eritreans look up to the Army to save them from President Isaias Afeworki’s tranny, as.

Wikileaks: Eritrea’s major port city ‘becoming a ghost town’

Destabilizing the region is not the only factor that earned Eritrea the title Africa’s North.

US wants more sanction on ‘famine hit’ Eritrea

Highlights: United States is very much interested in additional pressure and sanctions….we think that that.

Ethiopia wants no sanction on Eritrea’s remittance flows

Highlight: Ethiopian government wants sanctions to bankrupt the Asmaran regime, while leaving the remittance flow.