UN report: Berhanu Nega went to Asmara via Egypt

Eritrea continued to violating the UN Security Council’s resolution by hosting Ethiopian rebel groups, Patriotic.

Ethiopia: Official statement on TPDM fighters return from Eritrea

Press Statement by the Joint Anti-terrorism Task-force of the National Intelligence and Security Service and the Federal Police.

Ethiopian rebels flee Eritrea en-masse

(Updated on the third paragraph with the report of their arrival in Ethiopia. Updated again.

Photo - West Tigrai, Ethiopia and Eritrea
Gov’t confirms clash with insurgents near Ethio-Eritrea border

About thirty armed men were killed and captured after a skirmish near Ethiopian-Eritrean border, according.

Eritrea: Conversation with the resistance mov’t inside Asmara

(Leonard Vincent) On Saturday morning, two exiled Eritrean journalists in exile and two European journalists.

UN report: Eritrea arms, trains ‘Ginbot 7’ rebel group

Eritrea continued to support at least three Ethiopian rebel groups including Ginbot 7, a United.

UN report: Eritrea-backed rebel TPDM has tens of thousands fighters

United Nations’ report indicated that Eritrea continued propping up Tigrai People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) in.

President Isaias Afwerki
Eritrea: The unraveling of Isaias authored identity

(Merkeb Negash) Exactly a year ago, in an article titled “The Politics of Writing an.

Text of UN report on Eritrea’s plot to bomb AU summit

Highlight: “Te’ame opened his laptop and showed me a video about how Iraqi insurgents have.