Photo - West Tigrai, Ethiopia and Eritrea
Gov’t confirms clash with insurgents near Ethio-Eritrea border

About thirty armed men were killed and captured after a skirmish near Ethiopian-Eritrean border, according.

UN report: Eritrea arms, trains ‘Ginbot 7’ rebel group

Eritrea continued to support at least three Ethiopian rebel groups including Ginbot 7, a United.

Why are we not listening to Andargechaw Tsige?

(Strathink website) The Ethiopian Government is holding Andargachew Tsige, Secretary General of Ginbot 7, since.

Dawit Kebede receiving CPJ's award
The Dawit Kebede saga: A journo flees the opposition

(Daniel Berhane) * Opposition activists have diverse opinions.  After two years in self-imposed exile, journalist.

Berhanu Nega - Chairman of Ginbot 7 party
Leaked audio| Eritrea funds ESAT and Ginbot 7

(Daniel Berhane) [Updated on the 2nd paragraph with the source of the leaked audio.] A.

Ethiopia | Ginbot 7 using the oldest trick in the book

” After the funds were collected several Easters have come and gone with Dr Birhanu and his friends still roaring from the mountains of US and Europe. As the empty promises of overthrowing the Ethiopian government within six months didn’t materialize Ginbot 7 leaders were facing mounting questions about their operations. Then this month came the announcement that they have formed a Ginbot 7 army. “

Bereket Simon A Tale of Two Elections
A look at Bereket Simon’s book: A Tale of Two Elections

(Daniel Berhane) Title: A Tale of Two Elections: A national journey that averted calamity Page:.

Ethiopia: Court orders Elias Kifle et al to defend terror charges

Court orders defendants in Elias Kifle case to defend charges The Federal Court ordered on.

Ethiopian ‘first’ self-immolation or mere suicide?

Since last week, the Ethiopian opposition in diaspora is entertaining a renewed hope that a.

Wikileaks: Berhanu Nega pondered on 1000 dead/day in 2005

A leaked US Embassy Cable of Sept. 2005, classified as ‘Confidential’, shows opposition leader Berhanu.