A Revolutionary Leader within a Revolutionary Democracy

Dr. Abiy Ahmed is now there as democratically elected PM for all of us as.

Jawar Mohamed and USA’s Interest in Ethiopia

A demagogue activist who is religiously and ethnically divisive and hate preacher, hosted by United.

Photo - Muse Bihi, Ahmed Silanyo and Dahir Riyale, the new president and his predecessors [Photo - Muse Jeeh]
Muse Bihi sworn in as ​Somaliland’s new president

(Muse Jeeh) The new president of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi was inaugurated and sworn at.

Photo - Somaliland parliament
Genuine parliamentary democracy the only path to political stability

(Tesfai Hailu) TPLF’s (Tigrai People’s Liberation Front) Central Committee meeting in Mekelle is viewed by.

Photo - President Paul Kagame of Rwanda
Rwanda and Its Developmental President

After winning 98.6 percent of the votes , President Paul Kagame was inaugurated for his.

Security On Top of Somaliland Election Campaign

(Mohammed Dahir Ahmed) Somaliland Presidential election is scheduled for 13th of November 2017. The election.

Image - Ethiopian flag clip art
Is Federalism a threat or a treatment to Ethiopian Unity?

(By Berhanu) The rationales why states of the world are unitary, federal or hybrid governance.

Image - Ethiopian flag clip art
Ethiopia Experiencing Ethnic Federalism: Could Inclusive Parliament and Policy Reforms Prevent Crisis?

(Amanuel T Muhzun) Introduction The situation in Ethiopia is now relatively stable. But it is.

Photo - Officers outside the Supreme Court building in Nairobi, Kenya, on Friday
Text of Kenyan Supreme Court ruling on Presidential election

Republic Of Kenya In The Supreme Court Of Kenya At Nairobi (Coram: Maraga, Cj &.

Photo - Somaliland parliament
Somaliland: The Neglected Role in the Fight against Corruption by the House of Representatives

(Mohammed Dahir Ahmed) The legislative body of any nation plays a pivotal role in the.