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Photo - President Donald Trump in White House
African Responses To Donald Trump’s Derogatory Comments Vary

(Adrian Kelley) It’s been a month or so now since U.S. president Donald Trump shocked.

Photo - Ethiopia's Simien Mountains
Preventing civil war and state failure in Ethiopia

(Tesfai Hailu) Opposition groups prone to taking orders from Minnesota and Washington D.C. are once.

Map - The Horn of Africa region
Somaliland: Proposals to Improve Value of Government and Win Trust of Citizens   

(Mohammed Farah) 1. Digging Roots of Mistrust between the Government and Citizens Somaliland has come.

​Somali Region’s Liyu Police: Challenging the Media Bias 

(Hafsa Mohammed) Did you know that every region in Ethiopia has its own police force?.

Image - Ethiopian flag clip art
​Ethiopia’s battle with Non-State Dictatorial Forces 

(Abey Zewde) It’s unheard of!  It is unbelievable! It’s beyond imagination!  It’s hard to explain!.

​Challenges Ahead of Somaliland’s New President

(Muse Jeeh, Freelance writer Hargeisa, Somaliland) The new president of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi will.

Photo - Somaliland parliament
Genuine parliamentary democracy the only path to political stability

(Tesfai Hailu) TPLF’s (Tigrai People’s Liberation Front) Central Committee meeting in Mekelle is viewed by.

Photo - Mekelle city, Tigray
Mekelle City should reconsider pulling the plug on struggling businesses

(Tesfai Hailu) As everyone who lives or paid a visit to Mekelle lately would notice,.

Security On Top of Somaliland Election Campaign

(Mohammed Dahir Ahmed) Somaliland Presidential election is scheduled for 13th of November 2017. The election.

New Approach for Somali Security Forces to Prevent Terrorism

(Dr. David Leffler) During these dangerous times of high tensions in Somalia, terrorism could quickly.