Why Two Eritrean went to Saudi stealing President's Plane

Until recently, the Eritrean Air Force had a single luxury airplane, an 1970s-era American corporate.

Profile of Al-Shabaab linked Eritrean officials [US Treasury Dept.]

United States announced sanctions on 6 Al-Shabaab supporters on July 5. The list includes two.

Eritrea at 21: Still refusing to “come of age”

Eritrea is 21. This is the time when people normally “come of age”, and assume.

Breaking-news | Ethiopian army crushed Eritrean elite force

Ethiopian National Defense Forces(ENDF) crushed an Eritrean army attack last weekend, a military source said..

Eritrean, Sudanese leaders hold talks in Asmara

Eritrea’s President Isaias Afewerki held talks with Sudanese President Omer Hassan Al-Bashir on Thursday(May 24,.

Eritrea at 21: still in President Isaias’ unyielding grip

Eritrea celebrated its 21st independence day yesterday with President Isaias making his address to the.

Eritrean repression follows emigrants to Canada

(By: Aaron Berhane) Evading arrest under gunfire, I fled Eritrea in 2001, arriving in Canada.

Analysis: The case of Eritrea’s missing President | Awate.com

All of us fans of Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle know of that moment.

Eritrea: The ‘depth’ of President Isaias leadership

The Eritrean regime is silent on many issues these days, but Eri-TV’s programmes suggest that.

Eritrea: President Isaias’ Conspiracy Theories

President Isaias of Eritrea wrote a letter to the Security Council on March 27, 2012.