HornAffairs is a multi-lingual online magazine and a collaborative blog focusing the Horn of Africa.

The motto “the truth lies between the extremes” captures HornAffairs’ aspiration to be the leading provider of news and opinions of diverse perspectives in the region.

Launched in April 2010 with one writer (as danielberhane.wordpress.com and then danielberhane.com), it soon attracted more than half a dozen several co-bloggers with diverse backgrounds.

With an ever-growing number of associates, authors, supporters, content-partners and readers; we decided it to adopt the name Horn Affairs (HornAffairs.com) and augment its organizational setup of this five-year young platform.

Our contributors are bloggers, activists, journalists and lawyers from around the world. Please contact us if you would like to join the HornAffairs team.

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Note: At times, we re-publish items from other media outlets provided one of the following grounds are met: By acquiring permission from the source media (some as content-partners) or by ascertaining the item is in the public domain (with no copyright restrictions) or under fair-use principle or by taking public interest considerations (i.e., either the source is unavailable online or is blocked/unknown in one or more of the countries in the Horn of Africa, while the item is of informative value warranting its re-publishing.) In all cases, reasonable care is taken that items from third party sources are published with a clear attribution to the sources and, where they are present online, in a manner that do not affect their traffic.