Logo - Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT)
ESAT Radio and Television: The Voice of Genocide

(Zeray Wolqait) Introductory Note Freedom of press and other mass media and freedom of artistic.

Logo - Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT)
Why ESAT and Messay Mekonen called for genocide on the people of Tigray?

(Affirmative Article: A voice to the voiceless people from the Organization of Tigrian’s Network for.

Ethiopia: Hacking Team irked by INSA’s ‘reckless and clumsy usage’

The Italian firm “Hacking Team” described Ethiopia’s INSA as “reckless and clumsy” in an internal.

Storming of Ethiopian Embassy put State Department’s integrity to test

This week Washington D.C. observed the storming of Ethiopian Embassy followed by a couple of.

Why are we not listening to Andargechaw Tsige?

(Strathink website) The Ethiopian Government is holding Andargachew Tsige, Secretary General of Ginbot 7, since.

Why do Ethiopia’s terrorists hold British passports?

The recent arrest of Andargachew Tsege, secretary general of Ginbot 7, an Ethiopian terrorist group,.

Ethiopian rebel’s timeline remain a mystery, Yemeni media unhelpful

Amidst confusion on the timeline of Ethiopian rebel leader’s arrest and extradition, Yemeni media provides.

Ethiopia accused of jamming ArabSat – technology costs up to $50,000

The satellite operator, ArabSat (Arab Satellite Communication Organisation) claimed last week that “many TV channels.

Dawit Kebede receiving CPJ's award
The Dawit Kebede saga: A journo flees the opposition

(Daniel Berhane) * Opposition activists have diverse opinions.  After two years in self-imposed exile, journalist.

Berhanu Nega - Chairman of Ginbot 7 party
Leaked audio| Eritrea funds ESAT and Ginbot 7

(Daniel Berhane) [Updated on the 2nd paragraph with the source of the leaked audio.] A.