Author: Hafsa Mohamed

Hafsa Mohamed is Executive Director of Maandeeq Women's Organisation (MWO). She is Ethiopian-American diaspora, currently working in the civil society and development sector in Ethiopia and occasionally blogs at HornAffairs.

Photo Essay: Thousands of Ethio-Somalis rally in support of the regional administration and unity

In late April 2018, small and sporadic anti-government demonstrations surfaced in the Siti Zone of.

Photo - Ethiopia's Simien Mountains
Anticipation, as the ruling party selects the next Prime Minister of Ethiopia

(Hafsa Mohamed) Hailemariam Desalegn, the outgoing Prime Minister of Ethiopia, unexpectedly resigned last month amid.

President Abdi mobilizes for inclusive governance

(Hafsa Mohamed) Leadership is a responsibility — not an opportunity nor a privilege — which.

Photo - Ethio-Somali region pardons prisoners
Ethio-Somali region gives second chance to thousands of prisoners

(Hafsa Mohamed) On the 21st of February 2018, the Ethiopian Somali regional government made the.

​Somali Region’s Liyu Police: Challenging the Media Bias 

(Hafsa Mohammed) Did you know that every region in Ethiopia has its own police force?.