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Merkeb Negash, is a Lecturer of Political Science and International Relations at Jimma University. He is a blogger on HornAffairs and can be reached at elroenegash(at)

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Unraveling Meles Zenawi’s Concept of Developmental State

The developmental state (DS) literature puts competent and autonomous public institutions at the kernel of.

Ethiopia’s Developmental Statism: Cynic Diagnosis, Naive Prescriptions

Almost any discussion on the Ethiopian developmental state start with what the Ethiopian developmental state.

Ethiopia’s Developmental Statism: dotted by pitfalls but functional

Much of the debate on Ethiopia’s developmental statism focuses on what a developmental policy oriented.

President Isaias Afwerki
Eritrea: The unraveling of Isaias authored identity

(Merkeb Negash) Exactly a year ago, in an article titled “The Politics of Writing an.

Nile| Irresponsible Yet Demanding Egypt

Egypt accuses Ethiopia of being rigid for rejecting Egypt’s new proposal of another round of IPoE – this sounds ridiculous because international meetings are conducted on predetermined agendum. Egypt brought new agendum into the tripartite meeting reflecting only its own interest disregarding others; therefore, Ethiopia’s insistence to keep the meeting on the previously agreed points is a reverential move highlighting its longest diplomatic negotiation tradition.

IMF’s pills for Ethiopia: It Ain’t the Economy, it Is the Lab!

(Merkeb Negash) One of the grave, yet common, mistakes in the discussion of the Ethiopian.

Nile| Renaissance dam's unnoticed impact on Ethiopian psyche

(Merkeb Negash) “The humiliation of a thing is sufficient to stimulate it; the humiliation of.

Is Meles’ developmentalism winning in Ethiopia?

The active politician is a creator, an initiator; but he neither creates from nothing nor.

Analysis| Eritrea: Ali Abdu's absence and Asmara's silence

Irrespective of his whereabouts, however, Ali Abdu’s disappearance from public view in the last five months by itself points to a bigger picture. “Ali played a central role in one of the most oppressive governments on earth. The opacity that now surrounds his whereabouts is a symptom of more general problems in Eritrea, issues that have made life virtually impossible for much of the population- indeed, over a quarter-million Eritreans are living as refugees in surrounding countries”[

In Defence Of Meles Zenawi: No Direct Relation Between Democracy and Development

(By Merkeb Negash) “[i]f all comparative studies are viewed together, the hypothesis that there is.