22 million people in the Horn will need food aid by year-end

The number of food insecure people in the Horn of Africa is projected to increase.

List | Top Aid recipients in Africa per capita

Which African countries are big recipients of Official Development Assistance (ODA)[1]? There are a number.

What’s in a name? European Imperialism and the Re-Naming of Africa

(Ali A. Mazrui and Andrew D. White) In July 2011 the Nile Valley gave birth.

List: How indebted are African economies?

Which African countries are highly indebted? How do Horn of African economies fare in this.

Doing Business: Easier in Ethiopia than Kenya, except for start-ups

Highlights:– Ethiopia’s is 132nd of the 189 economies, 4 points above the 136th Kenya, in.

Ethiopia should wake up and smell the coffee – Financial Times

(Mian Ridge) Ethiopia, Africa’s biggest coffee producer, will benefit from unusually dry weather in Brazil.

Nile Basin Initiative (NBI): Has it delivered on its promises?

(Aregu Balleh) River Nile is not just the world’s longest river, but also is one.

What next for Uganda’s anti-gay law?

It led to increased repression, drew international condemnation and prompted foreign donors to suspend millions.

Uganda’s Court annuls anti-gay legislation

Uganda’s Constitutional Court has annulled tough anti-gay legislation signed into law in February. It ruled.

Are China’s NGOs entering Africa?

(Hu Jianlong) In the evening of 18 May, the Africa Philanthropy Forum, held at a.