Map - Red Sea coastal nations
The Rift in the GCC and Diplomatic Responses from the IGAD Region

David Hearst, a British expert on Middle East affairs, recently surprised the host of an.

Photo - African Union Headquarters
Paper | Ethiopia and the African Union

(Mehari Taddele Maru[1]) (2013) Introduction This article investigates Ethiopia’s contributions to and its influence in.

S. Sudanese Minister deported from Ethiopia, alleges IGAD bias

A group of pro-government political parties headed by South Sudan’s Cabinet Minister Martin Elia Lomuro.

South Sudan: The mediation effort and the current deadlock

(Abel Abate and Dr. Mehari Taddele Maru) It has been a year and few months.

Ethiopia’s Policy towards the AU: Unique contributions and special responsibilities?

(Dr.iur. Mehari Taddele Maru and Abel Abate) Needless to say, as discussed elsewhere in detail.

Text of IGAD’s 15 days ultimatum to S.Sudanese factions

Intergovernmental Authority on Development Resolutions by the 28th Extraordinary Summit of the IGAD Heads of.

Rights groups and ICG call for arms embargo on South Sudan

Human Rights watch urged Horn of Africa’s nations to lobby for arms embargo on South.

Paper|Ethiopia’s Regional Diplomacies: A Dominant Interpretation of the Horn of Africa

* The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs needs to address the mismatch between its policy.

Ethiopia wants no sanction on Eritrea’s remittance flows

Highlight: Ethiopian government wants sanctions to bankrupt the Asmaran regime, while leaving the remittance flow.

Eritrea at the UN Security Council closed meeting

Highlights: Pres. Isiais Afeworki asked Ban Ki-moon for ‘three hours’ to make his case; ‘Eritrea.