Eritrea says: US responsible for sour relations

Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs: US Hostility, Not Eritrean Rigidity, Responsible For Sour Relations United.

The Flight of the Eritreans

There’s a joke about the US state of Ohio that goes something like this: “Twenty-four.

Egyptians Condemn Ethiopia’s Nile Dam Project

(Peter Schwartzstein) “Ethiopia is killing us,” taxi driver Ahmed Hossam said, as he picked his.

Chavez Vs Meles: A Tale of Two Leftists

In the days following the passing of Meles Zenawi, senior EPRDF officials stood firm in.

Ethiopia's Army | Custodian Dilemma

If there is a cliché often repeated among the ranking officers of the Ethiopian National.

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Ethiopia-Egypt | A War on Nile Improbable, for now

Yet, posturing aside, officials and scholars in Cairo understand the insistence on monopoly of the Nile waters, with implicit military threats is literally unsustainable. Indeed, the more intelligent amongst them should know, at least for a few years to come, a direct military attack on the Renaissance dam project is improbable.

The Unhappy Legacy of Meles Zenawi (Freedom House)

The Unhappy Legacy of Meles Zenawi (Freedom House) The death on Monday of Ethiopian prime.

PM Meles Zenawi’s health: How critical could it be?

By now, talks about the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s health could not be dismissed as mere.

Swedish Minister meets Meles Zenawi, terror convict journalists

Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt met with Ethiopian Prime Minister on Thursday. He visited the.

Ethiopia: Gov’t expels two Arabs, warns locals

The Associated Press reported, citing an official, that Ethiopia’s government has expelled two Arabs who.