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Messay Kebede and false ‘dialectics’

(Andreas Admasie) The analysis contained in Messay Kebede’s recent Ethiomedia article is severely flawed in.

Photo - Eritrea military parade
Eritrea’s national security predicaments: Post-colonial African syndrome

(Meressa Tsehaye Gebrewahd) Outline – Introduction 1/ Literature Review 2/ Eritrea’s national security predicament: Historical.

Photo - West Tigrai, Ethiopia and Eritrea
The Agazian Movement: Exhuming a Corpse?

(Tesfay Nigus) Recent exchanges on [social] media among self-claimed propagators of the so called ‘Agazian’.

Photo - Emperor Yohannes of Ethiopia (from British Royal archive)
The British Expeditionary Force to Meqdella and the Deliberate Distortion of History

[My note is mainly based on Dej. Zewde Gebre-Selassie’s (PhD) book, ”Yohannes IV of Ethiopia”:.

Image - Cover page of Infantry magazine of the U.S. Army Infantry School at Fort Benning
Battle of Adwa – Tigrayan Army uses Envelopment, Frontal Attack to Annihilate Italian Forces

(Infantry magazine – U.S. Army Infantry School) On 1 March 1896, in the vicinity of.

Treaty | Convention of Awsa b/n Italy, Shoa and Sultan of Danakil – 1883

[This convention was a declaration of friendship between the Kingdom of Italy and the supreme.

Creation of Colony of Assab – 1882

[This is a declaration by the Kingdom of Italy and its parliament regarding the transfer of.

Treaty | Contracts of Assab and Ras Lumah 1869 and 1870

[The contract of Assab was a contract for the sale of lands in the area.

Photo - African Union Headquarters
Paper | Ethiopia and the African Union

(Mehari Taddele Maru[1]) (2013) Introduction This article investigates Ethiopia’s contributions to and its influence in.

Oldest bio of an African woman, Ethiopia’s Walatta Petros

(Alison Flood – The Guardian) Ethiopian noblewoman Walatta Petros left her husband to stop the.