Chart - Ethiopian 2015 election - regional level data
Infographics: How Ethiopia voted in 2015

The number of votes EPRDF and its allies, which amassed all federal and state legislative.

Ethiopia: Ruling party, allies win all seats and ~ 95% of the votes

Update: Further extrapolation of the data show the EPRDF and its allies amassed almost 31.

Ethiopian Election Board: "This is not the end of the world"

[Updated with a remark from MEDREK’s spokesperson] * No opposition party lodged complaint as per.

MEDREK rejects election results, suggesting “civil disobedience could be next”

MEDREK, the main opposition coalition, rejected the results of the May 24th parliamentary and regional.

Semayawi party: “This election was worse than the previous ones”

Semayawi party announced its rejection of both the process and the results of last weekend’s.

Ethiopia Election: Text of AU Observers’ Preliminary Report

African Union Election Observation Mission to the 24 May 2015 Parliamentary Elections in the Federal.

Ethiopia: Police disbands a rally on an Opposition party’s fate, as deadline draws near

Police forcefully disband protesters today in the vicinity of an opposition party head office in.

Ethiopia: Opposition Parties blocked from Entering the May elections

(Marthe van der Wolf) Ethiopian opposition parties say they are facing roadblocks in their efforts.

Ethiopia : A country in the grip of a threefold transition

(René Lefort) * It may be that, in Ethiopia, history is so powerful that the.

EraPa party wants diasporas to vote in next election

Ye Ethiopia Raeie Party (EraPa) urged the incumbent government to create conducive environment for diaspora.