Ethiopia: Opposition detained for planning a rally for Obama visit

Semayawi (Blue) party said about eighteen of its members has been detained since last week.

Amnesty calls for Woyneshet Molla et al release as per court orders

Ethiopia: Respect court rulings and release opposition members Amnesty International July 1, 2015 Ethiopian authorities.

Chart - Ethiopian 2015 election - regional level data
Infographics: How Ethiopia voted in 2015

The number of votes EPRDF and its allies, which amassed all federal and state legislative.

Ethiopia: Ruling party, allies win all seats and ~ 95% of the votes

Update: Further extrapolation of the data show the EPRDF and its allies amassed almost 31.

Ethiopia: Oppositions report fourth post-election death

Semayawi and Arena-Tigrai parties reported two deaths putting the total post-election death claims at four,.

Infographic | In Addis Ababa, EPRDF got 2/3rd of the Popular Votes

The Ethiopian ruling party, EPRDF, amassed all the legislative seats whose results are announced so.