Photo - Ethiopia's Simien Mountains
Ethiopia at a Critical Juncture: Antifragile or in a Trapped Transition?

Antifragility, a concept introduced by the author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, represents things that benefit from.

Photo - PM Hailemariam Desalegn (right) and DPM Demeke Mekonen (left) at EPRDF Congress, Mekelle city, August 2015 [Image credit: Awramba times]
Sources: In a rare move, EPRDF postpones its Congress to 2018

The ruling party EPRDF (Ethiopian peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front) postponed its Congress to 2018. The.

Photo - Axum University awarded Sebhat Nega Honorary Doctorate
Aksum University honors Sebhat Nega

Aksum University awarded Sebhat Nega an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Leadership and Politics. Sibhat Nega.

Ethiopia after its electoral drama: Second ‘renewal’ imminent ? (René Lefort)

(René Lefort) The so called “dominant party” steamroller has flattened everything in its way. The.

Ethiopia : A country in the grip of a threefold transition

(René Lefort) * It may be that, in Ethiopia, history is so powerful that the.

Notes on PM Hailemariam’s Cabinet reshuffle

(Daniel Berhane – July 7, 2013) Ethiopia’s Prime Minister appointed twelve Minsters this week. It is.

Ethiopia| EPRDF vs Opportunism: A half-hearted battle?

“Opportunism” is the new enemy. It was declared a “threat” since mid-March, first in a prime.

Generational shift may shake-up Ethiopian politics after Meles Zenawi (Terrence Lyons)

Here is a short piece by Terrence Lyons about the potential impact of Metekakat. Of course,.

[Full list] EPRDF's Council – Who's in, who's out | Metekakat review

Here-under, in the first table, I will simply list the current 180 members of the EPRDF Council as well as changes their membership status.
The second table presents the list of those who left the EPRDF Council last month.

EPRDF - leadership & election structure as of Year 2013
EPRDF’s Executive – Who is in, who is out | Metekakat review

The ruling party EPRDF saw another major change in its leadership last month with the.