EraPa party wants diasporas to vote in next election

Ye Ethiopia Raeie Party (EraPa) urged the incumbent government to create conducive environment for diaspora to take part in election 2007 E.C.

According to party’s press release,voice of members of the diaspora has been neglected during the last four elections. EraPa said that there are a significant number of members of the diaspora and foreign citizens of Ethiopian origin who are capable to elect and be elected,living in different parts of the world. The Party also said it is the responsibility of the government to identify addresses of the diaspora or their exact number.

EraPa urged the ruling party, the government,the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support the comprehensive participation of the diaspora in the national election.

The statement also noted that different opposition political parties are expected to struggle for implementation of the improved election law proclamation number 532/1999 article 7(21) and the diaspora policy Article 5(6).

Members of the diaspora and foreign citizens of Ethiopian origin need to be aware that the government which is going to be established in Ethiopia has to get people’s voice and the diaspora should be given the opportunity to exercise their national rights of participating in the election. Accordingly, the diaspora needs to play its role in making effort to participate in the 2007E.C election, the press release stressed.


Source: Ethiopian Herald Feb. 20, 2014, titled “Party calls for diaspora participation in the 2007 E.C. Election”.

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