In repressive Ethiopia, ‘Blue Party’ struggles to offer a choice

(By William Davison) Ethiopia is a definite success story in expert opinion about post-cold war.

Ethiopia conducted peaceful, transparent local elections

Millions of Ethiopians across the nation on Sunday went to the polls to cast their.

Ethiopia: Registration for Local Elections completed

The registration of voters for the local elections due in April throughout the country was.

Exclusive Interview | Getachew Reda on regional, security issues

” Your hypothesis is just a hypothesis – in fact, an outrageous one…..[It presupposes] that the ONLF was so potent militarily that it could even threaten the transition. Even [ONLF chief] Admiral Osman would not go that far. “

US State Dept. | 2011 Human Rights Reports: Ethiopia

The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor of US State Department issued its annual.

US State Dept 2010 Human Rights Reports: Ethiopia

The U.S. State Department published its annual Human Rights Practices report last Friday. This report,.

EHRC: Arena-Tigray party candidate murder probe [March 2010 Report]

In the run-up to the May 23/2010 election, Arena-Tigray party alleged a politically motivated murder.

Supreme Court ruling on Medrek party Vs NEBE case [June 18/2010]

It is to be recalled that Medrek party, the coalition of 6 parties, lodged an.

Ethiopia | Opposition unconcerned about Gerrymandering?

Much has been said, and for a decade, about the disproportionality of electoral constituencies in.

EU Observers Validate Ethiopian Election with Moderate Recommendations

[Use the link at the bottom to download the full report in English or Amharic]

EU Observers released their final report on Ethiopian election on Monday. Given the moderateness of the report, it is puzzling why the Ethiopian government refused to host the press conference to release the report, which was held in Brussels rather than in Addis Ababa.