PM Meles Zenawi’s health: How critical could it be?

By now, talks about the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s health could not be dismissed as mere.

Speculations on PM Meles Zenawi's health | Fortune Gossip

The English weekly, Addis Fortune, shaded some light on the health of Prime Minister Meles.

Wikileaks | Opposition leaders: Meles Zenawi isn’t that dominant

You must have heard opposition politicians claiming Ethiopia as a one man rule. Yes, you.

Wikileaks: Ethiopia: TPLF is ‘Not a one man show’

A leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa, classified as ‘Confidential’ and dated June 2007,.

Text of Wuchale Treaty | 1889 Ethio-Italian Treaty

Treaty of friendship and trade between the kingdom of Italy and the Empire of Ethiopia.

A misplaced advice as ‘the other-side of the Ginbot 20 celebrations’

[By Fetsum Berhane] I accidentally came across an article is titled “Celebrating Ginbot 20: Two.

Map - Nationalities in northern Ethiopia [published by Derg regime]
Reality-check: Tigray annexed Amhara lands?

You must have heard the allegation that ‘Tigray annexed Amhara lands’. That is mainly in reference.

EHRC: Arena-Tigray party candidate murder probe [March 2010 Report]

In the run-up to the May 23/2010 election, Arena-Tigray party alleged a politically motivated murder.

New Security Advisor Appointed, State Media Skipped the News

Since Oct. 5/2010, PM Meles Zenaiw appointed 30 Ministers(including 10 Ministers without Portfolio), 49 State Ministers(including Prof. Tekalegn Mammo Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture with the rank of a State Minister ), 36 Especial envoys, Ambassadors plenipotentiary and Ambassadors, and 1 Commissioner (Sport Commissioner Abagisa).

The public media outlets reported all the previous appointments, as they were immediately notified by a letter from the PM Office.

But not this time.

BBC Apologizes for Alleging ‘Aid Spent on Weapons’ [full text]

BBC apologized today for its unfounded report that alleged millions of pounds raised for famine relief in Ethiopia had been used to buy arms. It took BBC 8 months to investigate and find out that its ‘investigative’ report is baseless.

It is to be recalled that in March 2010, and the subsequent days, BBC World Service broadcasted a report concerning the use of western aid for 1985 famine in Ethiopia.