Ethiopia: Minister Abay Tsehaye Doubles as Director-General

The Prime Minister assigned Abay Tsehaye to a new post on Friday. Abay Tsehaye is to head the new giant sugar corporation as a Director-General, Minister with without Portfolio. Though, he is still serving as National Security Advisor to the PM.

Meles Zenawi Appoints New Cabinet [full list]

The 4th House of Peoples’ Representative endorsed the new cabinet members nominated by the Prime.

EPRDF’s New Leadership (Executive & Council members lists)

Ethiopia’s ruling party, EPRDF, held its Eighth Party Congress from Sept 17-19/2010 under the theme.

‘Addis Neger’: when deceit becomes the norm

It took International Press Institute (IPI) only two days after the polling to make a.

UDJ’s Media Circus (Betting on Birtukan Mideksa – II)

Birtukan Mideksa’s party, UDJ (aka ANDINET), made headlines, when its leaders surprised everyone by turning.

Why Ethiopians may be disinclined towards ‘regime-change’ politics?

As polling day approaches, the ruling party appears set to win by a landslide. Opposition.

The Making of Post-election Crisis in Ethiopia

Premising on the widely held view that the election is a lost battle for the opposition, not a few political commentators contend a post-election crisis is unlikely. Is that really, though? Is the likelihood of post-election crisis is contingent on how the opposition fare at the polls? A look at the previous elections and the makeup of the political landscape, reveals not only the likelihood of a crisis, but also the formula.