Special Edition | Post-Meles Zenawi 2012

Special edition| Post-Meles 2012 Collection of exclusive interviews, opinion pieces and news digests covering the.

Interview with an Eritrean opposition Yonathan Sebhatu

” Ethnic right issue has never been a problem in Eritrea, it is exaggerated by some but to tell you the truth all 9 ethnics in Eritrea have equal rights and all have offered their lives to the armed struggle [for independence], I can not see that Tigrigna speakers have more rights than the others. “

The Theory and Practice of Meles Zenawi (Alex De Waal)

   Review Article: The Theory and Practice of Meles Zenawi (Alex De Waal)   –.

Ethiopian PM changes Cabinet to give Ethnic balance

(By: William Davison) Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn appointed two new deputy premiers to share.

Eskinder Nega’s paper: Let’s learn from Nazi heroism [final part]

[This is the fourth and last part of the series. Read the first here (link),.

Eskinder Nega’s paper preaching genocide

[This the third piece of the series on Eskinder Nega. (Please read the first here.

Eskinder Nega’s newspaper justifying the Holocaust

We, Habesha people, didn’t learn from the Germans. We couldn’t even preserve the history of.

On Eskinder Nega | Setting the record straight

Last year, in June 2011, I published, in this site, an in-depth analysis titled ‘Terrifying.

Response to ICG report – ‘Sound and fury signifying nothing’

With the illness and death of Prime Minister Meles, many in the Diaspora and abroad,.

International Crisis Group report: ‘Ethiopia After Meles’

Policy Briefing Africa Briefing N°89 Nairobi/Brussels, 22 August 2012 Ethiopia After Meles I. OVERVIEW The.