Ana Gomez faults the British on Andargachew Tsige case

Member of the European Parliament Ana Gomez blamed London for being soft on Ethiopia and,.

Ethiopian rebel’s timeline remain a mystery, Yemeni media unhelpful

Amidst confusion on the timeline of Ethiopian rebel leader’s arrest and extradition, Yemeni media provides.

Minister Redwan Husien sits with Horn Affairs' Daniel Berhane
Redwan snubs Ana Gomez in wide-ranging interview with Horn Affairs

In an exclusive interview, Minister Redwan Husien told Horn Affairs that the government intends to.

Ana Gomes - EU parliamentarian and Ginbot 7 supporter
Ana Gomes calls: PM Hailemriam weak, EPRDF "deviously smart"

European parliament member Ana Gomez urged EU Council President Barroso to pressure Ethiopia, in a.

Bereket Simon A Tale of Two Elections
A look at Bereket Simon’s book: A Tale of Two Elections

(Daniel Berhane) Title: A Tale of Two Elections: A national journey that averted calamity Page:.

Wikileaks| PM Meles rebuking donors for the post-election violence

A leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa, dated June 2009, provides a summary of.

Wikileaks: Berhanu Nega pondered on 1000 dead/day in 2005

A leaked US Embassy Cable of Sept. 2005, classified as ‘Confidential’, shows opposition leader Berhanu.

11plus blunders in BBC, TBIJ report of Ethiopia’s aid misuse

Two British news outlets made headlines last week when they published a story on Ethiopia.

Note on CBS profile of Meles Zenawi

The US media CBS-News has been running a series titled ‘The world’s enduring dictators’ since.