11plus blunders in BBC, TBIJ report of Ethiopia’s aid misuse

Two British news outlets made headlines last week when they published a story on Ethiopia.

Reality-check: Renaissance dam a fraud? | Ethiopia

There is no explicit reference to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam  in the 5-year Growth.

David Shinn: Ethiopians ain’t Raged enough to Revolt

Former US Ambassador to Ethiopia David H. Shinn claimed the revolts in Northern African and.

Mushe Semu replaces Lidetu Ayalew | EDP leadership change[Analysis]

The opposition party Ethiopian Democrats Party (EDP) installed a new leadership last week. In its.

Name-calling | Lidetu Ayalew Vs. Birhanu Nega

Lidetu Ayalew, President of Ethiopian Democrats Party, takes on Birhanu Nega(PhD), the Chairman of Ginbot 7, in an interview hosted at aned-ethiopia radio on Nov. 20/2010.