US considering the closing of Al-Shabaab’s Twitter account

The United States government has recently announced that it is becoming increasingly concerned about the.

Reality-Check: Anti-terrorism Laws in 10 Western Countries

This post provides a bird’s-eye-view of some of the restrictive provisions in the Anti-terrorism legislations.

Transcript: Security Council meeting to sanction Eritrea [Dec. 5, 2011]

The UN Security Council voted to toughen sanctions against the Eritrean regime on Monday, Dec..

General Abizaid: don’t rush into conflict | Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

A Leaked US Embassy Cable reveals that Pres. George Bush’s favorite General cautioned PM Meles.

Senator inquires Ethiopian motive, military capacity | Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

Leaked Cables of US Embassy Addis Ababa refutes the recurrent claim regarding the December 24,.

Meles Zenawi asked US for Intel | Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

Despite the repeated media claims that Ethiopia went to Somalia ‘to do America’s dirty job’,.

PM wary of US condemnation; UK stopped Uganda? |Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

The Ethiopian Prime Minister was wary of a possible US condemnation about two month before.

US – Ethiopia meetings on the eve of Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

It is fashionable for detractors of Ethiopia to claim that ‘Zenawi invaded Somalia at the.

US Air force confirms deploying drones in Ethiopia

Last month, the Washington Post reported that: ‘the Obama administration is assembling a constellation of.

Kenyan Army 100 km inside Somalia – ‘Operation Linda Nchi’

Kenyan army launched a full scale military offensive against the Al-Quaeda-linked terrorist group Al-Shabaab on.