Ethiopia: Intelligence agency foils Al-Shabaab's terror plot

Ethiopia’s intelligence agency, the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), today (March 26th confirmed it.

UN Security Council extends AMISOM’s mandate

On Wednesday (November 7th) the United Nations Security reauthorized the African Union Mission in Somalia.

Profile of Al-Shabaab linked Eritrean officials [US Treasury Dept.]

United States announced sanctions on 6 Al-Shabaab supporters on July 5. The list includes two.

Africa: The last frontier of the Global War on Terror (Michael Brenner)

America’s "war on terror" now has brought us deep into tropical Africa and the Sahel..

Brief | The new US strategy toward sub-Saharan Africa

On June 14, 2012, the White House announced a new U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa.

Somalia: Ethiopian forces withdrew from 3 more towns | Media reports

Ethiopian troops withdrew from three more towns of south central Somalia last Tuesday. That is.

German terror suspect for Nairobi blast captured in Tanzania

A top German terrorism suspect, who was being hunted by Kenyan police following a blast.

Eritrean pleads guilty to aiding Al-Shabaab – in US court

An Eritrean man pleaded guilty in a US court last week to charges of financing.

Analysis: Why isn’t Sheikh Aweys on US Terror List? | Somalia Report

Increasing its mission on countering terrorism around the world by hunting down some of the.

Kenya’s ‘Economic’ Conflict with Al-Shabaab (By Edoardo Totolo)

In October 2011, after the kidnapping of three tourists in Lamu and two aid workers.