Photo - Sentenced Ethiopian Muslim activists
Ethiopia: Muslim activists sentenced, intend to appeal

Sixteen Muslim activists and two journalists sentenced to prison on Monday. They intend to appeal..

Ethiopian court convicts Muslim leaders, a journo, others

Ethiopian court today passed guilty verdicts on four prominent Muslim leaders, a journalist and another.

The ISIS Factor: What Islamic Jihad Means for Ethiopia and the Rest of Africa

(Ghelawdewos Araia, PhD) September 20, 2014 ISIS is the latest mystique obscurity of the Islamic.

Jawar Mohammed’s understanding of Ethiopian Muslims

(Dachaassaa Hundaa) [Previous parts: Jawar Mohammed: A Bull in a China Shop; Jawar’s views on.

Ethiopia – World Almanac of Islamism

The American Foreign Policy Council’s published World Almanac of Islamism this month. The publication is meant.

Slow but sustained: Ethiopian Muslims’ struggle continues

(Joris Leverink) Muslims in Ethiopia have been protesting against government interference in religious affairs for.

Photos| Ethiopians march denouncing extremism

***** ***** Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency’s journalist Zeryhun Kassa reported as follows: Addis Ababa.

Differences of Ahbash and Wahhabia on Politics

The following two sections are from a scholarly article titled “Al-Ahbash and Wahhabiyya: Interpretations of.

Ethiopia: Muslims stage protests after Eid prayers

(By Aaron Maasho) Muslims in Ethiopia protested in the capital Addis Ababa during Eid al-Fitr.

Ethiopia: Opposition plans more Protests rallies

(William Davison) Ethiopia’s opposition Blue Party, which yesterday held the country’s largest protests in eight.