Profile of the 7 Al-Shabaab leaders with $33 mil bounty for their heads

The US State Department announced a total of $33 million reward for ‘for information leading.

Kenya: Swiss citizen on trial for alleged Al-Shabaab membership

A Kenyan court on Wednesday charged a Swiss man with being a member of Somalia’s.

Al-Shabaab plotting attack in Netherlands | Radio Netherlands

* A former commander of the Somali al-Qaeda-linked organisation al-Shabaab says dormant cells in the.

Al-Shabaab militants ambush Somali President’s convoy

* Somali President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed Sharif narrowly escaped death Tuesday when a convoy in.

Somalia: The 21 Years Itch and Turkey’s Role in Somalia

(By Abukar Arman) Two decades have passed since the collapse of the Somali state. Twenty.

Somalia: Al-Shabaab leader seeks forgiveness from Somalis

Ali Mohamed Hussein, former leader of al-Shabaab forces in the Banadir region, said last week.

Kenya: Two separate attacks wound five

Suspected grenade attacks at a hotel and a refugee camp in northeastern Kenya wounded at.

Analysis: Why Kenyan army left Kismayo port in Al-Shabaab hands?

Highlight: Critics also point to Kismayo. Last fall the Kenyan military made it clear that.

Kenya: Terror suspect not Swedish rather a Swiss citizen

Highlight: The “Swedish” national who was arrested in Kenya on suspicions of having links to.

Somalia: Ethiopia commander says ‘not a problem to liberate Kismayo’

The commander of Ethiopia’s military in Somalia stated that it is not a problem for.