Kenya faced 133 terror attacks since Somalia intervention

(Paul Wafula) Terrorists attacked Kenya 14 times on March 3 and 4, the day the.

Top 15 Highlights of year 2012 [in Ethiopia & the Horn]

1. Best Person of the Year: The Ethiopian people. (for the amazing decency and civility.

Kenya accuses US of economic sabotage over alert

Head of the Civil Service Francis Kimemia and Tourism minister Dan Mwazo have accused the.

Kenyan police arrest Iranians suspected of terror plot

Kenyan police have arrested two Iranians on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in concert with.

Kenyan army goes for Al-Shabaab's heart | The Standard

Kenya Defence Force now has its sights trained on Al-Shabaab’s last frontier and lifeline town.

Kenya to probe Security Minister’s death

Kenyan Internal Security Minister George Saitoti and Assistant Internal Security Minister Joshua Orwa Ojode have.

Somalia: Kenya postpones Kismayo assault, despite Ethiopian pressure

The Kenyan army would like to wrest the Somalian port of Kismayo from the Al.

Kenyan Air Force shells the port town Kismayo, southern Somalia

The Al Shabaab controlled port city of Kismayo, was shelled by helicopters on Thursday, as.

Analysis: Why Kenyan army left Kismayo port in Al-Shabaab hands?

Highlight: Critics also point to Kismayo. Last fall the Kenyan military made it clear that.

Report: HRW accuses Kenya of abusing its Somali citizens and refugees

The US-based NGO, Human Rights Watch(HRW) accused the Kenya Defence Forces and the Kenyan police.