Ethiopian, Somalian troops captured two districts in Bay region

Transitional Federal Government forces, with support from Ethiopian troops, captured two districts and several villages.

Somalia: Mogadishu bombings, Al-Shabaab’s internal disputes

Somalia: Bombings continue but real progress towards normality in Mogadishu…… Despite this week’s suicide bomber.

Al-Shabaab is now in disarray – Ethiopian official

(WIC – February 22, 2011) The coordinated military operations to wipe out al-shabaab in Somalia.

Analysis: Behind the Merger of al-Shabab and al-Qaida – By Nelly Lahoud

Highlights: * This article reflects on what it took for this merger to occur. It.

Ethiopian, Somalia troops capture several towns from Al-Shabaab

At the beginning of the week, Ethiopian, TFG (Transitional Federal Government) forces and Ahlu Sunna.

Analysis: International Efforts to Counter Al-Shabaab – By David Shinn

(By David H. Shinn) Since the al-Shabaab (The Youth) took control of most of south.

Ethiopia: Police detains eight alleged al-Qaeda terrorists

(February 6, 2012) – Some eight members of the terrorist organization, al-Qaeda, were put under.

Al-Shabaab kills, abducts gov’t officers in northeast Kenya

Al-Shabaab militants killed at least six Kenyans including four police officers in an attack in.

Kenya: Britain warns of impending terror attacks

Kenya stepped up security after sending troops into neighbouring Somalia last October to pursue Islamist.

A US bank’s suspension of Somalian diaspora money transfer companies

Somalia’s Transitional  Federal Government appealed  to the US Government and the US-based Sunrise Community Banks.