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Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency’s journalist Zeryhun Kassa reported as follows:

Addis Ababa residents take to the streets to vehemently oppose the radicalism recently observed in the country despite the rainy early morning hours.

Massive number of people flocks to Mesqel Square to denounce the fundamentalism that try and take root in the country despite repeated announcements by the government to restrain those innocently involved with the radical activists.

The rally which was organized by Addis Ababa Inter-Religious Conference was flooded by residents of Addis many of whom didn’t get the chance to get in to Mesqel Square as it was swarmed by people who had already arrived there.

All major roads connecting to Mesqel Square were teemed with people as the square couldn’t hold more people.

The rally by the public in Addis Ababa shows how the public is angered by the failure of the fundamentals to halt their malice act of terror and effort to tear the culture of tolerance the nation has built over the years.

Addressing the public, religious fathers call on the public to take the matter with great care as radicalism is against the security and peace interest of the nation by every measure.

The religious fathers called on the rally to wave a farewell to radicalism which the marchers waved with rapturous voice and spirited waving hands.

Mayor of Addis Ababa City, Driba Kuma told the rally his administration and the federal government will take every legal measure to completely curb radicalism.

He emphasized the significance of the active involvement of the public in tipping the police with valuable information in relation to religious fundamentalism.

He noted his administration will not let anyone or any group to undermine the freedom of faith and culture of tolerance among differing believers in the country.

Addis Ababa residents concluded their protest against radicalism with Ethiopian national anthem and went back home with the same strong spirit that denounced the fundamentalists.


Daniel Berhane

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