CPJ: Ethiopian authorities crack down on Muslim press

(Press Release) Nairobi, August 9, 2012–Ethiopian authorities must release a journalist who has been detained.

Ethiopia: No state interference in religion

A couple of times in recent weeks in Addis Ababa, notably on July 13th and.

Amnesty International: Fate of detained Muslim protestors concerning

The US-based Human Rights group Amnesty International issued a statement, on Wednesday, expressing concern about.

Ethiopian Muslims: Silent protests in mosques

For the nation’s Muslims Friday July 20 was the first day of the holy fasting.

Ethiopian Police clash with Muslims before AU summit meeting

(By William Davison – July 14) Hundreds of people were injured and arrested when Ethiopian.

Ethiopia: Meles upsets the Muslims | Indian Ocean Newsletter

The Prime Minister is upsetting a large number of Muslims through the excesses of his.

Ethiopia: Muslims protests unrelated to Assasa incident, Committee says

The Assasa incident should not be linked to the protests in Addis Ababa, member of.

Ethiopia: Amb. Shinn doubts gov’t promotion of Al-Ahbash ideology

Former US Ambassador to Ethiopia, David Shinn, said, ‘I doubt that [the government] would push.

የመጅሊሱ አመራር ስልጣን ለቀቀ | የአወሊያው ንቅናቄ ኮሚቴ መግለጫ [Amharic]

የኢትዮጵያ እስልምና ጉዳዮች ጠቅላይ ምክር ቤት (መጅሊስ) አመራር ራሱን ከሀላፊነት ለማግለል መወሰኑን ከአወሊያ ተቋም በተያያዘ.

Ethiopia: Minister Shiferaw warns again unnamed Muslim extremist

The government will no have spare time to allow any ill-move by subversive groups that.