Update on the two Arabs expelled by Ethiopia

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian government expelled two Arabs alleging they tried.

Image - Somalia - Al Shabaab's Hierarchy structure
Research: Al-shabaab’s Leadership Hierarchy and its Ideology

(By: Dr. Abdi O. Shuriye) Abstract This research studies the deriving ideology and directions of.

Ethiopia: Gov’t expels two Arabs, warns locals

The Associated Press reported, citing an official, that Ethiopia’s government has expelled two Arabs who.

Ethiopia: PM Meles on the Ahbash, Salafi, Wahabi controversy

 Ethiopia began its transformation to a federal democratic system in 1995 with its new constitution.

Ethiopia: Four died after Jihadists stormed a Police station

An attack by Jihadists on a police station resulted in the death of four people.

Somalia: A change of name and of strategy for Al-Shabaab?

[from: A Week in the Horn of Africa, Dec. 9, 2011 issue.] This week, following.

PM wary of US condemnation; UK stopped Uganda? |Ethiopia’s Somalia intervention 2006

The Ethiopian Prime Minister was wary of a possible US condemnation about two month before.

Wikileaks: Countering Wahabi influence, ‘cultural imperialism’

Three leaked Cables US Embassy Addis Ababa, dated July 15, 2009 and classified as ‘Confidential,.

Wikileaks: ‘Growing Wahabi influence in Ethiopia’ [full text]

Two leaked Cables of US Embassy Addis Ababa briefly discuss the state of Wahabi in.