Ethiopian opposition party - Semayawi/Blue Party rally - June 2, 2013
Ethiopia: Thousands staged anti-government protest

(By: Marthe van der Wolf) Thousands of Ethiopians demonstrated Sunday in Addis Ababa, the first.

Saudi Arabia: An Honest Friend or Pretentious Foe?

The state media never gets tired of telling us how the Arabs are grateful that.

Imam Shaker's advise for Ethiopian Muslims | It is the context, stupid

Last month, on Feb. 12, 2013, I shared a YouTube video on my Facebook Timeline.

ETV's "Jihadist Harekat"| Thin line divides information, defamation

When the Ethiopian parliament enacted the anti-terrorism law in mid-2009, many of its contents provoked.

Ethiopia | The Junedine Sado Episode

Minister Junedine Sado is on his way out, becoming the first Minister to be sacked.

A Comment on Amnesty International and Muslim ‘protests’

(By Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Last weekend (November 3rd), Amnesty International issued another of its.

Junedine Sado prevented from boarding a flight | ION reports

* Troubles are mounting for the civil service minister and leader of the OPDO, Junedin.

Ethiopian Muslims protest alleged government interference

(By William Davison) Several thousand Ethiopian Muslims protested in the capital, Addis Ababa, against what.

HRW says: Ethiopia should release leaders of Muslim protesters

(by William Davison) Ethiopian authorities are engaged in a “brutal crackdown” against Muslims protesting what.

Recent religious violence in Addis Ababa mosques: who is behind it?

(A Week in the Horn) The Federal Police Commission announced two weeks ago that it.