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Photo - Berbera Port in Somaliland
Arabs dirty game in Somaliland once again

(Kudos Nahur – Hargeysa, Somaliland) Somaliland’s delegation has been in United Arab Emirates (UAE) negotiating with.

Photo - Tana High School, Bahirdar [Credit - Chora, Inc.]
Teachers and Democratisation of a Nation

(Ephrem Tekle Yacob – Heidelberg University) In Ethiopia, the gap between the learner and the.

Economic Development and Democracy in Ethiopia: Performances and Challenges

(Teshome Adugna (PhD) 1. Introduction There are various debates about the relationship between economic development.

Photo - President Abdi Mohamoud Omar, Jigjiga stadium, September 27, 2016
Ethiopian-Somali, in defence of the multinational federalism

(Ahmed Deeq Hussein) Ethiopian Somali region is either 1st or 2nd largest region, constitutes 1/3 of the.

Logo - Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT)
Why ESAT and Messay Mekonen called for genocide on the people of Tigray?

(Affirmative Article: A voice to the voiceless people from the Organization of Tigrian’s Network for.

Photo - Ethiopian diaspora
Ethiopian diaspora among the most polarized

(Haftu Gebrezgabiher) Presently, the remittance income of Ethiopia hits over four billion USD. Its diaspora.

Photo - Kebri Dahar International Airport [Credit: Ahmed Deeq Hussein]
New Kebri Dahar International Airport officially began serving the state and the country

(Ahmed Deeq Hussein) Kebri Dahar is one of the oldest towns in the Somali Regional.

Photo - Ethiopian diaspora
Perspectives on the relationship between the Diaspora Community and the Government of Ethiopia

(Blen Gebresslase) Introduction The relationship between the Ethiopian government (GOE) and the Ethiopian diaspora community.

Photo - Ethiopian Somali women with Ethiopian federal flag
Ethiopia: The Cry is Bigger than for A Dead Billy Goat!

(Mohamed Olad) I was watching a recent viral video clip in which Abdi Mohamud Omar,.

Photo - Oromo protests 2015
A discussion Paper on the Recent Protests in Ethiopia: Based on my observation, views of some Medias and Facts

(Hadgu Ataklti) Introduction: This article seeks to open a discourse about the recent social resistance,.