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Image - Depiction of planned Odaa Bus by Oromia state
Witnessing a promising Economic Revolution in Oromia

(Dr. Teshome A.) 1/ Introduction Few writers are frightening the assertion of economic revolution by.

Photo - Hawassa Industrial Park
Ethiopian PM visits Arvind’s Apparel factories at Hawassa Industrial Park

(Press release – Arvind Limited) Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn today visited Arvind Limited’s.

Clip art - social media tools
How much do internet shutdowns cost Ethiopia?

(Solomon Tebeje) The Ethiopian government has shutdown internet from May 30 to June 8, 2017..

Map - Ethiopia federal regions
Unity through diversity

(Luelseged Mengesha) Diversity is indispensable for life. Nothing functions in uniformity, and ultimately, universality requires.

Somaliland and Somalia: The root cause of contemporary deadlock

(Ahmed Ibrahim Farah (Doodi) Brief history of Somalia after 1991 Many years have passed to.

Image - Clipart of people in circle holding hands
Messay Kebede and false ‘dialectics’

(Andreas Admasie) The analysis contained in Messay Kebede’s recent Ethiomedia article is severely flawed in.

Photo - Somaliland parliament
Somaliland: The Neglected Role in the Fight against Corruption by the House of Representatives

(Mohammed Dahir Ahmed) The legislative body of any nation plays a pivotal role in the.

Book cover - Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia
The Case for the Reform of the Ethiopic Script

(Three Qua) Unique in Africa, Ethiopia is one of the world’s oldest civilizations with its.

Photo - Eritrea military parade
Eritrea’s national security predicaments: Post-colonial African syndrome

(Meressa Tsehaye Gebrewahd) Outline – Introduction 1/ Literature Review 2/ Eritrea’s national security predicament: Historical.

Book cover - Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia
The Ethiopian Language Crisis and Proposed Solutions

(Lou T.M. Kahssay) Preview from Chapter 13 of ‘Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia‘ by Three.