Map - Oromia and Somali regions border areas
Ethiopia: Ethnic clashes, floods displaced 250,000 people from Oromia, Somali regions

(International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies – IFRC) Description of the disaster.

Ethiopian-Somali region launching Water Supply Projects at Birqod, Gunagado, Dig, Marsin, Danood and Gashaamo

(Omar Indaye – translated from ​Cakaaranews) President of Ethiopian-Somali regional state Abdi Mohammed Omar is.

Photo - Teddy Afro or Tewodros Kassahun
​Deconstructing Teddy Afro

(Haile Tessema) There are two extreme views of Teddy Afro or Tewodros Kassahun (the names.

Almaz Ayana at the IAAF World Championships London 2017
Ethiopian athletes’ hotel robbed in London, at the IAAF World Championships

Members of the Ethiopian athletics team, participating at the 2017 IAAF World Athletics Championships in.

Map - Ethiopia federal regions
Unity through diversity

(Luelseged Mengesha) Diversity is indispensable for life. Nothing functions in uniformity, and ultimately, universality requires.

Ethiopia issued 30K travel documents as Saudi deportation nears

Ethiopian government issued 30,000 Laissez-passer documents as part of its efforts to repatriate its citizens.

Book cover - Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia
The Case for the Reform of the Ethiopic Script

(Three Qua) Unique in Africa, Ethiopia is one of the world’s oldest civilizations with its.

Photo - A graduation ceremony at a university, Ethiopia, July 2016
Rescuing Postgraduate Studies from the Downward Spiral of Shame

(Tesfai Hailu) Anyone who has ever been enrolled in a postgraduate study at a credible.

Photo - Gada system, Oromo, Ethiopia
Briefing: What is Oromo’s Gada system?

The UNESCO have announced on Wednesday (Nov. 30, 2016), the Gada system have been added.

Photo - Ethiopian diaspora
Ethiopian diaspora among the most polarized

(Haftu Gebrezgabiher) Presently, the remittance income of Ethiopia hits over four billion USD. Its diaspora.