A Revolutionary Leader within a Revolutionary Democracy

Dr. Abiy Ahmed is now there as democratically elected PM for all of us as.

Photo - protest in Woliso city
Ethiopia: 10 people killed as protests rock Oromia

Protests stormed at least eight towns of Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia on Tuesday and Wednesday..

Map - Central Oromia and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ethiopia: Days of strike against business tax subsides

Businesses in Oromia return to work after days of strike in Oromia and signs of.

Map - Central Oromia and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ethiopia: Strikes, unrest in multiple cities of Oromia

Strikes and other forms of signs of unrest reported in six cities of Ethiopia’s largest.

Photo - Addis Ababa evening view
Official draft law on Oromia’s special interest in Addis Ababa (Abridged translation)

A legislation to determine Oromia’s special interest in Addis Ababa was tabled in the federal.

Photo - Oromia Petroleum Share Co
Ethiopia: Oromia Region Plans Oil Company

(Nizar Manek – Bloomberg) A central Ethiopian region that’s seen almost two years of sporadic.

Photo - Addis Ababa around Bole Medhanialem
Gov’t denies draft papers on Oromia, Addis Ababa relationship

Government spokespersons declined to confirm the leaked documents regarding Oromia’s special interest in Addis Ababa..

Map - Ethiopia-Oromia
OPDO should walk away from surrender agreement on Addis Ababa save full ownership

1/ What is the current status of Addis Ababa? For an outsider, Addis Ababa is.

Explaining Economic Revolution in Oromia to Pseudo Oromo Activists

(Dr. Teshome Adugna) Recently few pseudo Oromo activists such as Dr. Tsegaye Regassa and Ato.

Photo - Ethiopia Federal Police
Revolution of bubbling expectations: Ethiopia’s current challenges

In this article, I attempt to shed light on the mind-boggling questions Ethiopia facing currently..