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Image - A keyboard depicting hate speech
Ethiopia’s Growing Challenge of Hate speech

(Tesfai Hailu) “Hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is.

Info graphic: Arms exporters market share, 2013 [Credit: SIPRI]
The ATT and previous arms control instruments: Convergence and progress

(Michael Melaku) Endorsed three years ago by United Nations General Assembly and entering in to.

EPRDF at 25: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

(Author’s name withheld upon request) In 1965, the renowned American Political thinker, Samuel Huntington, published an.

Figure 1 - economic growth between 2005 and 2010
Understanding the Relationship between Economic Growth and Food Insecurity in Ethiopia

(Teshome Adugna[i] – Ass. professor – PhD) Introduction Recently some scholars have tried to question the.

Photo - Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, April 2016
Hydro-mentality over the Nile

(Wondwosen Michago Seide) The Nile River is the only shared physical linkage between Egypt and.

Eritrea: An Offline State Thriving Online

(Tesfay Nigus Ayenew) A little nation, as young as my nephew and as isolated as.

On Eritrea, Lesson for Ethiopia from Russia-Ukraine relations

(Haile Tessema) It’s not new for a country that has achieved its independence to have.

Oromia-Addis Master Plan: An agenda not like EPRDF

(Milkessa Midega) (PhD Candidate – Center for Federal Studies, Addis Ababa University) In this very.

EPRDF and Its Dubious Hope

(Muluken Yohannes) Since Ethiopia’s current government, EPRDF, (a.k.a. weyane) came to power in 1991; there.

Movements of, Ripostes to Radicalism in the Horn of Africa

1. Background Garissa University College attack in Kenya left close to 150 young students massacred.