Book cover - Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia
The Ethiopian Language Crisis and Proposed Solutions

(Lou T.M. Kahssay) Preview from Chapter 13 of ‘Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia‘ by Three.

Photo - A graduation ceremony at a university, Ethiopia, July 2016
Rescuing Postgraduate Studies from the Downward Spiral of Shame

(Tesfai Hailu) Anyone who has ever been enrolled in a postgraduate study at a credible.

Photo - Tana High School, Bahirdar [Credit - Chora, Inc.]
Teachers and Democratisation of a Nation

(Ephrem Tekle Yacob – Heidelberg University) In Ethiopia, the gap between the learner and the.

Photo - Tana High School, Bahirdar [Credit - Chora, Inc.]
Sabotaging Exams is Only Irresponsible, Never Legitimate

A security breach occurred at Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education and the National high school leaving.

Ethiopia: The Toll of ‘Aristocratic Spirit’ in Academia

(Taye Negussie (PhD)) Plato’s Academia, founded around 300 B.C in classical Greek, is widely thought.

Ethiopian Semere Tadesse & co. "make sound loud enough to bend light" at University of Minnesota

Press releaseUniversity of Minnesota, November 26, 2014. During a thunderstorm, we all know that it.

Ethiopia: The Need for Top-Notch Research Hubs and Special Academic Institutes

(Shishay Amare Gebremeskel) Though people, since ancient times, has been creating ways of solving their.