Author: Asteway Beyene

Asteway Beyene

Ethiopia: Chaos for Votless Power

The voice of its People is the voice of the country! Not those crimes committed.

Ethiopia: Generation In Action – Join It!

Which generation in your country do you belong to? The overlap of generations by age.

Be Aware of Chaos Valley

Chaos valley is a resort of its own kind for political gaming. It is manmade..

The Ebola Pandora’s Box

Some of us [Africans] had long read the evils, from the Atlantic Slave Trade to.

Africa: Shimmering Indicators

It has been 14 years into the new European millennium and six into the Ethiopian..

Foul Play with Ethiopian Politics

(Asteway Berhanu) Today’s third-world politics is overly in alien hands. If some muscular political power.

Measures of Peace for Africa

(Astewaye Beyene) How is the continent of Africa rated on peace? Is it the most.

Virus as a Weapon: Ghost houses within Science

(Astewaye  Beyene) Science has substantially uncovered nature’s secrets. This has enabled it to disturb the.

Gap, Gap, Gap! A Continent haunted by her past

(Astewaye Beyene) Where to start? Why not in the fifteenth century! Now we are in.