The voice of its People is the voice of the country! Not those crimes committed on its citizens!

Invisible, insensible, unpredictable but wrongly to those inhabited by alien life and mind set. It is all about the consequences of what is being orchestrated for forced political power.

In a legal platform, legally, any citizen is entitled for a race in the election process of his/her country and that for a contest as one among other contestants. But if one’s assumption for winning the game is based on support of something like violence, treachery, lies and the like off the legal requirements, the best option is to be a genuine electorate. Then, one would, through time, understand the road to safely win the heart of the millions of the electorates, and get their endorsement for the pedestal of power. Otherwise, political leadership for bloodshed in the inhabitants elsewhere in Gonder, Nekemt, Bahrdar, and… would only expose one’s barbarity in the guise of politics. It is only a barbarous criminality in one’s heart that drives his/her action. And that decision comes from a psychopath, or team or group of psychopaths.    

What does an Ethiopian wish for his/her country now in the global scenario he/she observes as a world panorama?

No doubt he/she would wish the best of everything unless he/she is a psychopath not yet treated for his/her deficiency in health, his/her mind wrecked by distorted orientation in life and mindset. Not all psychopaths are attacked by the same diseases and neither are they distorted uniformly. But the fact that they are all psychopaths, they share psychopathic agendas in their life. Their alienation identifies them in society. Culture at large and ordinary communal habits, even unconsciously, slam doors at their approach. Ostracism off ordinary life becomes automatic. An abnormal turn of heads of many people at a psychopath on the street energizes the uniqueness of his or actions in response. Seclusion  by neighbors, coworkers –and no doubt, by “colleague politicians” in a group or team – becomes a way of life of the psychopath. It becomes a deliberate action by those who one way or another see, meet on the way, contact this psychopath. Families, relatives get bored in an environment where the psychopath is unavoidable from.

That person who had practiced his/her reaction at lower level and individually will create some sort of a small community of his/her likes, its members sharing what is abominable in normal life of others. It is then the psychopath is not alone. He/she is a partner of a minor community of psychopaths. At this moment, he/she has some self consciousness as a member of a group of politicians, and a new political force with its voice as it is. It becomes a body individually cracking out of its shells notoriously.

Psychopathic action becomes an agenda. It would follow a pattern of a ladder and its steps. As the missions of psychopaths depend on a personal or group capacity, the level of devastation too depends on the level of knowledge about what to devastate. A group of an unlearned, whatever scale it aspires for damage, will be limited by its knowledge. Even if fully cursed for their mission, the different levels of destruction would only follow that of ladder and its steps. That at the lowest would succeed, if ever, with its collective vision from the lowest steps. It may destroy whatever is within its capacity. It is limited by its collective “knowledge,” whatever within its collective mind.  That higher up on the middle of the ladder would have the capacity to engage itself fully, have the advantage of those down below it and with crude knowledge of some steps above it. The damage would be disastrous, but much less of strategic nature.

That about the tip of the ladder, with the highest analytical vision for intrigue and capacity for destructive action is above all psychopathic groups. It would have the widest vision for destruction. It is destined for no better than the dirtiest pages of history. Its capacity to see, plan, organize and call those likes down the ladder, and outsiders for severe damage of its country is its defining character. It works hard at trying the world to be in its hands and for long term irreversible strategic destruction admired by its supporters for victory of their intentions – a big part of its success. Such groups of psychopaths lingering for power and yet unable to embrace it have dismantled nations, killed in millions, displaced millions and brought shame and hopelessness to their countries.

In society, psychopaths engage themselves in ruining all that they read with their psychopathic eyes and minds. They spoil generations inculcating hatred and hopelessness in everything the public and government are praised for. They support their stories they tell with “facts” of their “blessing,’ about themselves and curse about others. They are absolutely insulated from any worry of the damages they cause in family life, in their neighborhood, in society, and their country. In case they somehow surprise society with national and international agenda, history receives them as criminals never to be forgotten on its pages. That has happened with Hitler at international level, contemporarily worded as global consequences. It was the same with Mengistu Hailemariam at national level.

All psychopaths have one tribute they share most. They are merciless. As a matter of the chronic disease, they are all together on the darkest of human history in imagination and action.

Politics is unique by its nature. It is unlike any other sectors and activities human life has to cruise unavoidably. It is also unique in the sense that it knocks at the life of all citizens in countries, and the world at large occasionally. It is an umbrella for practically all sectors of activities, including the safety of a country and society, and the whole world. Its delicacy, though, is always exposed to whatever major changes blowing across society and the world over. It is then it becomes a victim of all sorts, and uncertainties. It is then the worst too might follow – absolute lack of peace – from psychopathic political intervention in the life of humanity.

Imagine – if you can – not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no sense of concern for the well-being of members of society, citizenry, neighborliness, and above all, your country. Imagine, nothing good ever coming to your mind in your lifetime. Imagine of your psychopathic selfishness, detrimental, or immoral action at doing the worst.

You deliberately pretend in action that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others like credulous fools to accept it without question.

Now add to this strange fantasy, the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. For you, since everyone – including those very near to you – simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscious-free is nearly effortless. That a plus for your psychopathic nature.

You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame – including arson of human beings, and enjoying their flesh hissing and burning in flames. 

You are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world – and that until you blow your aspiration and practice it in the life of the people, and country when you try grabbing and suffocating its breath for its strides forward.

Invisible, insensible, unpredictable to many, but to those inhabited by alien life and mind set, for whom all evil is okay, it is all about the consequences of what is being orchestrated for forced political power.

You can do anything at all, and still your strange advantage over the people who are kept on line by their consciences and will most likely be looking at you and watching your spine flexing even if you don’t feel it, or pretend to not feel the buckle.

How will you live your psychopathic political life? Do you have your psychopathic spine strong enough to withstand the test of your wrong choice – for a politician always in the eyes of the public and under its pressure for his concern for his country? And when you are there, your political history stained with blood and blasphemy, and brutality. Don’t you sense that it is a common history of your camp?

How will you do, and for how long, with your huge and secrete advantages of criminality always in your bag. You have many watching your “glorious” end which is not different in substance from your beginning? Even for a normal human being, excesses of selfishness usually ends up in frustration, and that ends up in suicide; and for a team or a group of psychopaths, individually or  blasting a whole group of “committed” psychopaths. 

Provided you are not stopped under the pressure of the millions, you can do anything at all.

If you have access to friends, foreign donors in support of your psychopathic design and visible action, and their media with a large number of reporters updating your poli-tics, in line to policies and histories of their countries, showing to the world old wounds to “heal” the new of your creation, it is your day. And that will enable you a special talent for generating more energy at raising hatred and sense of deprivations upon others, and make arrangement to kill larger numbers of unsuspecting people. With enough money – it is a message for duty -which may cruse across the oceans to you and will enable you accomplish your mission from far away, you will psychopathically move forward – criminally.

Mind you, media coverage is not costless. Why should media corporations worry to getting you on air, it is a committed debt for you. No doubt, you will show it paid in other’s blood, and your smile.

What you are engaged more in is this:

Before about ten years, the designers of the so called Orange Revolution were seriously watching, and working for Ethiopia to join the course of the Arab world in disaster now, as a consequence. The keys to crank the “revolution” were then in the alien hands, not even in the hands of the psychopaths of the Arab countries. They also had the Security Council and the UN as a whole to energize the new philosophy to take lead undoing those nations for “democracy and human rights.”

The UN had to “heal” internal injuries of those countries with European and American warfare. By assignment of global high-ranking officials and experts, our country was about the edge of the Orange Revolution. As a matter of history, Ethiopia or a bigger part of it survived dehumanizing challenges.

 Tunisia, Egypt, and later Libya, Syria – projects for change for the West are still there at vigorous experimentation processes in absolute confusion about their future. Yugoslavia has fragmented into provincial-size countries. Its civilization, one of the best in technology and science is battered, probably much of it lost for recovery in the old provinces, now European countries – some, full-fledged members of the EU?

One thing about Ethiopia is that it has so far held itself compact even at a loss of its head in the north to European colonization. Now too, it is a matter of endurance of its psychopathic injury to uphold its unity and continuity of its vigorous development endeavors, and that against what is already elaborated – psychopathic challenges in politics, development, and peace.

It has experienced deaths of its citizens, economic destruction, short and severe chaotic situation on its peace, and its surge of development highly appreciated globally.

The throttle at the neck of democratic process, at the most sensitive duration is paralleled by notices, defamations, and lies effortlessly, to hinder the citizens to peacefully and freely go for people of their choice for government. That is what has happened in the last few decades.

In line to that, the old people shuttling between Ethiopia and America, and recruiting their likes in the generation have so far done a lot of damage to the country. They don’t feel any positive responsibility to trying to see the very new generation, paying the debt of old generations, now busy learning in the universities laboring to drive poverty out of its country, in light of the changes the country has attained for a good future. They are rather trying restlessly to pull it out off its course and damage its future irrecoverably.

Some of the aged politicians the people know they have neither the attitude nor the capacity to lead are engaged at creating havoc and causing destruction of the best of what their country has achieved in the last few decades it has covered. Some are visibly psychopathic. Many are in America, and some of them in Europe. They are under the treatment of American and European doctors for their health. No doubt the health experts must have offered a lot of psychopathic treatment to those old men and women. And they must have smiled at patients political drudgery about everything they talk of their country. But the doctors are others. They like their country and talk the best about it.  

Those absolutely unfit for the political platform of the country don’t have any concern about the future of their country, for psychopaths have nothing of that view about people losing their lives from the chaotic situation those same people inflame.

From their story in the last twenty years, people know them for absolute poverty of ideas worth wishing good for the new generation and their country. They know them as entanglements for the surge of economic, social and political developments raising the country high up the requirements for its global existence.

No doubt, they wish their country to be immersed in chaos, darkening the way in contrast to the new generation invigorating the country and its future.

They impatiently search for what they consider the most effective at detrimental consequences in destabilizing their motherland back at home. They follow results they share with media corporations who always feed their archives with new “lovable” information which would mix with the old to sentimentally arouse fresh criminal exploits in the hearts of the psychopaths.

In search of surprises to the people at large and government, they work day and night for invisible, insensible, and unpredictable consequences of their design upon their country and people. What does an Ethiopian wish for his/her country now in the global scenario he/she observes as a world panorama?

 No doubt he/she would wish the best of everything unless he/she is a psychopath not yet treated for his/her deficiency in health, his/her mind wrecked by distorted orientation in life and mindset.

Generational experience of the 1970s, through the end of 1980s, is still in the memory of those who had survived it and can tell the story. They have a full picture of the thousands of skulls of the generation that paid in blood for its hunger for change of its country. The young generation is now harvesting the return for the sacrifices. 

It is difficult to imagine that the psychopaths who devoured human life in thousands then are all gone. It is a change of location on the planet.   When any psychopaths now aspire for such a history of the future of our country again, to have new chapters telling people about bare skulls in numbers, wouldn’t they expect prizes from their camp and from their alien supporters? Anyway, their existence is signaling in different forms of their political activities, including instigating tribal contradictions for high level demise of their smooth relations throughout history, and following the fruits there from. Their effort, at the moment, has rewarded them in some deaths, suspicion among and within compositions of tribal neighborhoods and destruction of personal and public properties.

Look here:-Such pictures we always disgustingly see in history are products of abruptly ignited vigorous, deliberately committed horrific crimes, through time covering whole nations taking the toll of the millions. No doubt, they are led by psychopaths of various backgrounds in society. Ethiopia doesn’t have to tolerate any signs of this nature the whole country has currently witnessed.

Government has to behave governmentally. For so long, the psychopathic camp is in danger of its behavior watching loopholes in the former for its initiatives to destabilize the country.

 The wrong propaganda support from Aljazeera and similar other forces should not be wedged between us, the owners of our country, our problems and solutions.

It is open-air observation of us all in millions that those media always visit us when they see and think of us bracing our weaknesses; and that witnessed by barbarism, and noise, and more among ourselves.

There is one Ethiopian living for not less than forty years in Europe. In everything political he writes about his country, he writes the phrase our people in almost every sentence. How he likes “his” country.

His generation, now diminishing in numbers, knows him otherwise.

In the 1970s, regardless of anything worth achievement at short sight, the whole generation was spiritually mobilized for its country’s change.

 As bizarre as still his personality is, his political personality hauled him for a short brace in the military’s breast. The officers still hustling for the pedestal of power were yet in the dark. This man didn’t understand that they were a long way to share, if any, of their dream-power to people like the old man (is now).

They say he sheltered in Cuba embassy for political asylum. The Cubans negotiated with the incumbent soldiers in power. They helped him out of the country. He must be the first asylum sicker after government change to the Military; and the first Asylum sicker of his generation then.

Others say, he had tried for acquaintance with the fighters in the north. He was wrong. Even if he had joined, he would have searched for another embassy where there was none.

His generation now knows him as an avid politician who dreams, and acts to see his country in turmoil. This is one. How about others of his age and inclination in America and Europe?  

This is a story:-  

The renaissance of our country is in trouble hosting psychopathic politics.

A psychopath, with a political assignment shared to him with his likes in his hand, once engaged in horrific political crimes – killing many he had never seen before — was in court with his leader in politics. The judge asked him why he immersed himself in the bloodbath of the innocent. His leader was yet to face the judge for his first time. The psychopath turned his face to his leader and said, “Is it me only you have brought here? How about the hall? It was full of us.”

The “gentleman” replied addressing his answer to the judge. “He is not healthy. He didn’t do that consciously.”

The psychopath fully turned, facing his companion, and his voice burst out like thunder in the courtroom. “You have saddled me with a lie I never deserved. I won’t forgive you for it… You led me to believe I was responsible. The Prize, Irving Wallace.

 Chaos for Voteless Power, No! No!No!


Asteway Beyene

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