(Astewaye  Beyene)

Science has substantially uncovered nature’s secrets. This has enabled it to disturb the equilibrium sustained by ignorance of the human species for long.

But the dark side of science has prevailed over the other. It has created a world-environment where the muscular has reigned over the human species. If one or a group is the lone owner of science and its products, there is no certainty that one would go on his own for a disastrous vigilante. Isn’t humanity facing that attack?

It is unfortunate, the real knowledge of science is in the hands of the very minority in the human race. The mystery of this subject matter has enabled that minority within the human species to manipulate it to the detriment of the a big part of world population.

It was that knowledge of science that created nerve gas that caused the death of thousands of soldiers in their trenches in the European war – known in history as First World War. The same gas is said to have had been used by colonial Europe in the surge of the latter to occupy the whole world. That minority is now in absolute terms in control of all that science is – the knowledge and practices.

What is worse with that situation – the huge majority in the inhabitants of Earth in absolute ignorance of what is in stock from manipulation of the science in the hands of the few?

Much of the knowledge and new discoveries in science is found in the gray areas of human life. Environmental changes, overpopulation, dwindling natural resources calling for some solution before the world falls in grip of the ultimate – the final day. That is where strategic thinking – long term strategies for self preservation – is on the run for scientific solutions to imminent disaster.

Is there anything visible about those strategies somewhere targeting people of different cultures probably registered as different threats?

There are stories about Africans in various countries to have had been deliberately given HIV virus with vaccines. It was after the epidemic killed in the “select” countries millions of people the information about intentions producing the virus licked to the public. News of the elimination of some scientists in the project peeped for a moment but was dwarfed before reaching the public at large. One can have one’s own assumption of this monstrous strategy – the project under institutional protection of the source country or countries.

A case in point is the HIV virus its mystery still shrouded in a thick layer of secrecy.

And the knows in countries decimated by the HIV virus did not, and still have not questioned the intention of those in charge of the virus. They opted for help, from those following the results from the HIV-project and learning from that for more effective viruses matching the different cultures and climates. No doubt, the HIV virus too was and still is more effective in some cultures than in others.

That such a strategy, countering over-population through eradication of a big chunk of world population, has been crafted for long is minutely indicated by the naming of the new viruses released for immediate disaster at certain locations suitable for further spread across land and oceans. Western mass media is activated to lure the world-population to accepting the name of the virus and its source. For the origin of the Ebola, there is no other source than the chimpanzee. If it is from a reporter from one of the media giants, “it is true”. The enemy is based within the chimpanzee. This animal has probably inhabited Africa before man. But there is no indication in history about Africans dying in millions from Ebola as a consequence of the virus inhabiting the chimpanzee. Even the black death that cleared Europe of its population has never been attributed to a virus from animals.

Why not another residence for another virus! The bird flu virus, resident especial in birds and chickens. Who inserted that virus into the birds, and how?

Why not Mers in the deserts in the Middle East! Mers is more dangerous on “pregnant women” than others. It must be very effective at eliminating the population within the womb of the mothers. It is probably tested for effectiveness in polygamous societies where a father usually has children from many wives. Such a culture is dominant in the Middle East and South Asian countries.

Why bird flu is a chosen weapon on the Chinese must be attributed to some of its merits on a huge population as the Chinese are.

The worry of overpopulation should have been taken care of in countries where the mismatch of population and lack or shortage of the means of livelihood will naturally explode. Honesty on the issue requires a serious, transparent platform in the interest of the future of humanity as a whole. Searching for shallow , barbarous transhuman solutions manufacturing viruses for an imminently huge planetary problem only swells existing mistrust between, and among the inhabitants of the planet – earth. It is only sharing the problem and solutions worldwide the ghost houses – hidden laboratories – are scrapped off as special instruments created to save one at the expense of others.

From the trend, using the sciences to guarantee lone survival on earth, we will see not millions as has happened so far, but billions of human beings brushed off the earth in the near future. Minus the Middle East and Asian populations, major part of the earth and seas will be naked of human beings. Now it is Mers; there must be a big catalogue of other viruses named otherwise, and more effective.

For the curious layman, the relationship between the WHO (World Health Organization) and those hidden laboratories is hazy. It is through the WHO the world is told about those dangerous viruses, and that later after many deaths. There is no doubt the representatives of those nations worrying of overpopulation would do them harm, and now having institutionally protected virus laboratories, they know what is there in their countries. It all means in the United Nations(UN), there are those who suffer from the virus and those using it as a strategic weapon to clear the planet of excessive human beings, and that before it is too late. Humanity knows the UN is a theater where the muscular gets his aims dressed globally, his decisions voiced globally. But the ownership of the system of virus production and its severe consequences on countries losing their new generation in millions to the grave has never been an agenda.

To represent world population on peace and security, the UN has to show some concern to those victimized by the monstrous ghosts in the science laboratories of America and Europe, under the politicians; otherwise the Arabs and South East Asians will join the hundreds of thousands of Africans taken to the grave by HIV virus. That concern has to focus on exposing the whole process of the crime – the people engaged on it, the scientific process to produce the virus and who is targeted for what type of virus. This is an issue much greater than the Ukrainian Orange-Revolution noise pulling so much attention from the top official of the UN down to all its branches throughout the world.

Ghost houses in the sciences, must be destroyed if they exist and internationally band all over.

*The author Astewaye Beyene is a guest author at HornAffairs.

Asteway Beyene

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